The history of Heliopolis Productions Ltd.

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Julian Liurette

Heliopolis Productions has been a part of Toronto’s video production scene since 2010. The name was chosen by its owner, Julian Liurette, back in 2001. Fresh out of film school in Montreal, Julian envisioned a production company with a dual focus: one for producing corporate and educational projects, and the other for creating fiction content such as short films, feature films, and series. Long before Google or ChatGPT were around, Julian flipped through the French Larousse dictionary section dedicated to names of people and places and landed his finger on “Heliopolis.” The word exuded a sense of nobility and majesty akin to Paramount Studios, and Julian knew it was the perfect fit for his company: Heliopolis Productions, or Les Productions Heliopolis in French. The Greek term translates to “city of the sun.”

In 2010, while working as a freelance videographer for Rogers Communications in Toronto, Julian had to incorporate the company to maintain his business relationship with Rogers. Thus, Heliopolis Productions Ltd. was officially established. Instead of opting for the usual “Inc.” abbreviation for “incorporated,” Julian, based on his accountant’s recommendation, chose “Ltd.” or “Limited,” which is the older term for incorporating a business. Julian assumed the role of President, with Alexander Peretz taking on the position of Secretary. Alexander has produced videos for various clients and loves creating elegant animated graphics.

In 2017, after six years as a Globe and Mail video coordinator, production editor and videographer, Julian decided to fully dedicate his time to Heliopolis Productions Ltd. The company now boasts a diverse clientele particularly in healthcare field and it operates successfully out of Toronto.

Heliopolis creates videos not only in English but also in French and Spanish, significantly expanding its potential audience and client base. Having multilingual capabilities provides a significant advantage in reaching diverse markets and serving clients with different language preferences.

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