Dolemite is my name, fun comedy with Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes

You got to give it to Netflix, they are firing in all directions to create original content. Although this is not groundbreaking stuff à la Roma, Dolemite is my name is a fun heartwarming comedy starring Eddie Murphy in the role of real-life Rudy Ray Moore, a man who never gave up his dreams of […]

2020 vintage: Strong Oscar-nominated short films

The Oscar-nominated live-action short films are always surprising, inspiring and this year’s five nominees did not disappoint. From the instagram-filtered to the politically charged, the films offered a glimpse into some of the issues facing our contemporary world. The films take place in the late 2010s in northern Africa, in Europe, North America and Central […]

Parasite, too clever for its own good

I discovered Bong Joon-Ho a few years ago when I saw his 2013 movie Snowpiercer. I was taken away by its power and imagination. It seamlessly mixed action and science fiction. Just like Snowpiercer, Parasite’s story revolves around confronting different classes of society, the rich vs. the poor, except this time, it’s not set in […]

Shoplifters, 2018 Palme d’or winner is simple, neutral, not that touching

Shoplifters, a Japanese film directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda.Seen on March 26, 2019 Impressions before seeing the film I decided to see this film at the last minute for 5 dollars at a local cinema in Toronto. The film won the Palme d’or in May 2018 when Cate Blanchett was the jury president of the Cannes […]

Roma, landmark feast for the eyes and ears but uneventful

“Roma” (2018, 2 h 15 min) was written, directed and produced by Alfonso Cuarón 6.5/10 Alfonso Cuarón’s latest film is another technical tour de force by the Mexican director. It’s “Gravity” set in Mexico. And, just like his previous films, “Roma” tells a meandering story that occasionally soars but is mostly banal and undramatic. The […]